Swanson is Coming! Swanson is Coming!

The centerpiece of the return in the Shelby Miller trade, Dansby Swanson, is set to make his major league debut Wednesday, August 16 at the Ted.

This past off-season, the Atlanta Braves traded Miller (the centerpiece of the Jason Heyward deal the off-season before) to the Arizona Diamondbacks in return for the aforementioned Swanson along with Ender Inciarte and Aaron Blair. Swanson was the #1 overall pick in the June 2015 amateur draft out of Vanderbilt, and the unquestioned biggest prize in the trade for the Braves who were (and really still are) rebuilding for the future.

This week, the Braves continued their trading-off of all of their veterans while they are playing well, by trading Eric Aybar to the Detroit Tigers, thus giving the MLB roster room for Swanson.

Swanson is expected to be a middle infielder-of-the-future for the Braves. Swanson will play shortstop for the Braves initially, but I said middle infielder due the battle Swanson has going on with prospect Ozzie Albies. The two are expected to be the double-play combo of the future for the franchise for many years to come. The two have been playing together in AA since late June with Albies at 2nd base so that the two could begin working together up the middle.

This season Swanson has hit .275 between high A ball for the Carolina Mudcats and AA ball with the Mississippi Braves. Swanson has hit nine HRs this season (he’s not expected to be a power-hitter) with 55 RBIs and 13 SBs. The Kennesaw, GA native and Marietta High School graduate has committed 11 errors this season between the two teams, which is a little worrying, but the 22-year old is still young with plenty of time to get better (Albies has committed 22 this season).

A bright future appears to be coming for the Braves, and the Swanson promotion is just the latest piece to make its MLB debut.


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