UGA Has Bigger Problems Than Quarterback

Many fans, both casual and diehard alike, are quick to point out the quarterback as the biggest question mark for the University of Georgia heading into the 2016 college football season. Tony Barnhart expressed some different concerns that he didn’t limit to just one side of the ball.

“I think Georgia’s biggest issues are on the offensive and defensive lines,” the SEC Network broadcaster stated.

“I thought Georgia’s offenseive line underperformed last year. I think brining in Sam Pittman from Arkansas is going to be a shot in the arm, but they need to be bigger and stronger up front.

Barnhart echoed about the line of scrimmage winning football games.

“This is a line of scrimmage league and a lot of Alabama’s success is because they have been so good and so deep on the line of scrimmage and Georgia’s got to get better. Now they’re still good enough to win eight or nine games this year if they do things right.

Barnhart did say the head coach Kirby Smart was right about his concerns on the line of scrimmage. “They’ve got to get better on both lines of scrimmage and they are thin on the defensive line, there’s no doubt about that.

Smart has inherited a very talented roster at the University of Georgia, but it’s not as easy of a transition as some might think it to be. It’s hard to worry about who your quarterback is, if he’s getting pressure on him every single play. It’s hard to worry about which running back is going to be healthy, if the defense is losing the line of scrimmage. Georgia will be tested early on against North Carolina, a team that made great strides in 2015. Between the Tar Heels high powered offense and Gene Chizik improving their defensive scheme, time is ticking for Smart and the Dawgs to get everything figured out.


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