Optimism for Georgia Tech?

2014 was a year that Yellow Jacket fans will never forget. Winning the Coastal, beating their hated rival Georgia, and winning the Orange Bowl against Mississippi State in a blowout fashion.

2015 painted a different story for Georgia Tech fans. 3-9 overall and 1-9 in its last 10 games. That’s a year that Yellow Jacket fans want to forget.

Now here we are in 2016. The Yellow Jacket faithful aren’t quite as optimistic for the 2016 season as they were heading into the 2015 season. SEC Network broadcaster Tony Barnhart has a different opinion.

“I’m optimistic about Georgia Tech,” Barnhart stated. Wait. What? He continued:

“With Justin Thomas coming back, the depth they’ve got at both running back positions… I’m still a little concerned about the defensive side of the ball, but I look at that division: I think Miami and North Carolina are the teams that people say you have to beat, maybe Pittsburgh on the outside as being a good team, but that is a division I think Georgia Tech can win.

Well that’s not too bad. Barnhart did reveal that Georgia Tech was not his pick to win the division, however.

“I’m picking Miami to win that division with Mark Richt and a good quarterback in Brad Kaaya, but I think Georgia Tech can have a lot to say about who does win that division.”

Only time will tell, but Barnhart did point to a big factor that led to Georgia Tech’s demise in 2015.

“Last year was impressive in the string of injuries. It just put them in a very difficult spot.

Maybe the added experience from those injuries will help make this a better football team in 2016. But alas, only time will tell.


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