Why the Teague trade was garbage

Three days ago, on June 22 (aka the day before the draft), the Atlanta Hawks traded Jeff Teague to the Indiana Pacers as a part of a 3-team trade that sent George Hill to the Utah Jazz and the #12 pick in this years draft to the Hawks.

I absolutely hate this trade. In the NBA, typically only the first five picks or so are really worth a whole lot. And I firmly believe that Teague is worth more than just the #12 pick, as well as that Hill is not worth that high of a pick.

Do not get me wrong, I think letting Dennis Schroder be the starter is a real good move on the Hawks part, but the Hawks should have received more. There had been trade rumors about the Hawks possibly trading Teague to the Philadelphia 76ers for Nerlens Noel. I actually really liked that trade idea, because the Hawks are missing that big, true center, which Noel would provide, and who is already established as a good NBA player, unlike an unproven draft pick.

Back to the actual trade and what is means. Hopefully this all works out for the best. The Hawks drafted two wing players in the draft, so they will presumably take the place of Kent Bazemore, which will keep the team from overpaying for him in the off-season.

Schroder has been compared a lot to Rajon Rondo, which I completely agree with, and I think that is a good thing. I believe he can be just as good as Rondo was with the Boston Celtics, but without the douchey attitude. As long as he does not continually take dumb shots, like Rondo is known to do, he should do really well. This also will save more money for the Hawks to use in free agency to pick up a center and a shooting guard (presumably that is their plan).

I do really wish that the Hawks could have received a player of Teague’s caliber in return in the trade, but there is no point in dwelling on what happened, so hopefully Coach Budenholzer knows what he is doing. It is just getting harder and harder to stay positive and believe in what the Hawks, and frankly the rest of the Atlanta major sports teams, are doing without seeing a whole lot of progress.


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