Braves Prospect Sean Newcomb

When the Atlanta Braves traded Andrelton Simmons to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in Novemeber, they were met with disgruntled Braves fans. They traded a defensive whiz, who was under contract for more pitching. Braves fans argued that Simmons was one of the faces of the franchise and was a controlled player for the next, several years. Not only that, but why trade him for more pitching? John Coppolella argued during Braves FanFest that more pitching was a necessity for the Braves franchise. He stated that with the cost of pitching getting higher, they would need to find ways … Continue reading Braves Prospect Sean Newcomb

Coppolella On 2016 Draft

The Braves will have their highest pick in 25 years in this year’s draft, in which they pick third overall. Big Time Atlanta Sports was able to catch up with Braves GM John Coppolella at Braves FanFest last Saturday and raised the question about Coppolella’s draft strategy. He said they would take the best player available, but did say that they had a plan. “All things being equal we went with four high school kids last year,” said Coppolella. “I think we’d like to go college and we’d like to get a bat just because we are so pitching heavy. … Continue reading Coppolella On 2016 Draft