John Coppolella on Swanson Trade

On Saturday, the Atlanta Braves opened their gates at Turner Field to allow for a meet-and-greet with members of the Braves organizations and their fans. GM John Coppolella was one of several front office individuals who made themselves available. He spoke with Big Time Atlanta Sports’ Kevin Pate about several issues. One question directed at Coppolella was the acquisition of Braves Top Prospect Dansby Swanson.

“We started talking right as the season ended and we didn’t make a deal until the third day of the Winter Meetings,” Coppolella said. “I was in touch with Dave Stewart three, four, five times a week and we would battle out different ideas back and forth.”

He said there were a lot of different trades that were offered and talked about.

“We ended trying to push for A.J. Pollock because he’s a really good player.” He complimented how much FanGraphs and Braves scouts liked Pollock, but he liked the package that they received as well. “That being said, we really liked Ender Inciarte and we are really excited about Dansby Swanson and Aaron Blair.”

He said that the trade just kind of worked out and credited it to timing.

“The price of starting pitching has gone up so high that it just kind of hit at the right time,” said Coppollela. He said that Miller was a great pitcher and that he hopes the trade works out well for both sides.

On Swanson, he said that it was great that the Braves had prospects and pointed to the Royals for having one of the top farm systems in the past several years “and that’s why they are so good now.”

“We aren’t in this just to build the best farm system. We’re in this to win the World Series.”


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